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50+ Effective Ways to Make Money from Just a Smartphone

Welcome to Part 3 of this comprehensive guide to ways for making money with your smartphone.

If you’ve already read parts 1 and 2 you’ll be raring to go with part 3 (I hope).  

So let’s get into it!

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with your Smartphone


InCompass is a smartphone app by Ipsos. It’s a behaviour measurement research app. So basically it measures the usage of your smartphone including your use of apps, browsing the web and measurement of basic phone features.

One caveat is that it is by invite only so it’s not recommended to download the app without Ipsos authorisation.

For those that have used the app and left a review, it is only averaging a 2.4 out of 5 rating. 

The main complaints being that it’s quite intrusive and slows the phone down.

Possibly one to avoid in my opinion.

Mobile Xpression

This app looks a better option than the Incompass app with a 4.1-star review from over 42 thousand reviews and over 500 thousand installs.

They help app developers to understand how consumers use the internet on their mobiles.

You simply need to install the app and keep it active then they will reward you with points that you can redeem for gift cards. So if you don’t mind your data being used for research purposes and want an easy way to earn credits this could be the right app for you.

Nielsen Mobile Panel

Another market research company using data to understand how consumers use the internet. In order to sign up, you must first complete their registration survey. Once approved and the app downloaded they check your data for trends, types of apps, what you watch and listen to and websites you look at.

It has a low review rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 with most complaints about the app not working properly.

Make Money with Your Smartphone by Trying out New Apps & Products

Through this app, you can qualify for and complete mobile tests.

You have to answer questions and complete tasks while speaking your thoughts aloud.

You cant just download the app though as you have to sign up via their website first. A poor 2.8-star rating makes me think this one’s not worth signing up to though.


I stumbled across this one when looking for some of these other smartphone apps for making money.

With 5m plus downloads and a 4.4-star rating I thought it was worth a closer look.

The main selling point they show is that you can earn gift cards for trying out apps and watching videos (most likely these are adverts). If you want to earn even more with them then you can invite friends and get 30% of their earnings as well.

If you play games on your phone during your downtime then I’d recommend giving this one a go.


This is a platform using video responses of studies. 

Once you’ve completed your profile they’ll send you studies that are right for you. Then just record a 40 to 60-second video of yourself responding to study questions.

The stand out aspect of this app is that they pay between $10 and $50 per study so a really good way to earn a quick buck if you need it. It looks to have mixed reviews with a 3.4-star rating so maybe one to test out but not have too high expectations.

Get Paid for Taking Photographs with your Smartphone 

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 Foap is a stock photo website that will pay you for your photos.  On the face of it if you like taking snaps with your phone then this could be a better way to earn money from your smartphone.

You can create your own portfolio and get feedback from other members of Foap (Foapers).

The commission rate of 50% is very attractive but they have an average 3.1-star rating, which seems to be due to technical issues with the app itself.


Snapwire has a slightly better star rating than FOAP at 3.8 stars again this seems to be technical issues with the app that is affecting the reviews. 

It’s similar to FOAP but looks like they push challenges more whereby you have to submit photos to Snapwire challenges then level up in order to take part in buyer requests.  Your reputation is enhanced as you go up in levels.


Stockimo is connected to Alamy, which is a website for picture buyers.

 The amount you can make from uploading and having your photos approved for listing varies.  The sale prices of photos vary between $5 and $500 but the average sale they say on Alamo is around $90.  They give you 20% of each sale but the photos can be sold multiple times.

Looking at some of the photos on there you probably need to have an artistic flair and know-how to take really interesting images.  If that’s you then give it a whirl as it looks like a great way to earn more money from using your smartphone.

Surprisingly they don’t have an android version of the app only iPhone app.  This has a low star rating of 1.9 so they may be looking to get that one working well before transferring to Android.

Earn Money on Your Smartphone as a Secret Shopper 

Field Agent

In order to earn money with Field Agent, you need to give feedback on products and stores.

They display jobs which you can accept and it’s the first person to claim it that it goes to.  You then need to complete the job and follow the instructions within a certain timeframe to earn between £3 and £10 a time.

If you are out and about shopping already and enjoy giving your opinion then this app is well worth checking out.

Most users seem to like it with a 4.1-star rating from over 6,000 reviews.


The rating for EasyShift is average at 3.2 but it does look relatively simple to earn money.

They connect users with Shifts at stores near to them and pay you cash to answer questions and take photos.  

Again if you are in town doing a bit of shopping with a little time to spare this could be a great way to earn some extra money from your smartphone.  

Looking at some of the reviews the main complaints seem to be about work not getting approved so it looks like paying attention to the instructions is absolutely necessary to make sure you get paid.


Another mystery shopper app Gigwalk allows you to choose “Gigs” ranging from 5 minutes long to a few hours paying between $3 and $100 plus. 

They say that you can work where you want when you want so seems really convenient.  All the work is done through the app making it simple and easy to use. 

However, the star rating on google play is slightly average at 3.7 stars showing that it has mixed reviews with the potential issues around the availability of gigs.


By becoming an agent for iSecretShop you can earn money for carrying out secret shopping assignments at restaurants, retailers and other businesses in your area. 

You will need to complete evaluations regarding the facilities like how messy it is and the quality of the food taking a few pictures and sending it through the app. 

They have the same Star rating as Gigwalk at 3.7 stars with mixed reviews.

Get Paid to Play Games on Your Mobile Phone 


If you enjoy playing new games on your mobile phone then this could be a great way for you to make money with your smartphone.

Mistplay is a gaming app that pays you cash simply for playing games.  It seems fairly simple in that you download the app then pick a game from the mixlist and earn points for playing that game. 

Once you’ve earned enough points you can then redeem them for gift cards you can spend on Amazon, Google Play iTunes etc

The Star Rating of 4.0 is not too bad but reading the reviews they are criticising the app for being too difficult to earn points the higher up the rankings you go.


PlaySpot pays you for watching videos and playing games like you probably normally would do with your smartphone.

You have to play games that they recommend to you which you can then cash out for Amazon or PayPal vouchers.

They have over 10m installs and a 4.3-star rating so this looks like another top-quality app to earn money with from your smartphone.


Another option for you mobile gaming fans is AppStation that pays you for the amount of time that you play their recommended games. 

They offer a variety of different games including Action, Puzzle, Strategy and Arcade. 

You earn coins for the amount of time you play and then you can exchange the coins for gift cards. 

The star rating isn’t bad at 3.8 a number of mixed reviews. 

If I was going to pick one of these games apps I’d be more tempted with PlaySpot but AppStation appears attractive as you get paid for the time you are on a game rather than reaching higher levels.

Use your Smartphone to get Paid for Exercising


A step walker and pedometer app Sweatcoin actually pays you (in Sweatcoins) for taking steps.

If you’re already trying to keep fit and using something like a fit bit then this is a must-have app surely.

You can’t directly exchange the points for cash but you get discounts on a variety of services and products that are health and fitness related.

One thing I do like about Sweatcoin is that they give you the option to donate to different charity projects. If you’re already doing exercise or walking daily then I recommend you give this a try if nothing else to contribute to a worthy cause.

With a respectable 4.1-Star Rating, what’s not to like about this app and it encourages to get fitter.


If you are looking to lose weight, get fit and earn money then this is the app for you.  With a 4.8 star rating, this is one of the highest-rated apps I’ve seen and that’s from over 11 thousand reviews.

The general idea is that you bet on yourself to reach your weight loss goals.  One caveat though is that if you don’t hit your target you lose the bet so you can actually lose money.  I’d start by giving yourself an achievable target and what more incentive could you want.

If you want to know more I found a great article from onemorecupofcoffee giving a detailed explanation of what to expect with this app.

Make Money from your Smartphone when you go Shopping 

So we’ve covered numerous ways of making money from your smartphone and now something for those that enjoy shopping and want to know how you can cash rewards from just doing your normal shop.

Let’s take a look.


This is a UK app that pays you cashback on your shopping.  It predominantly covers the major Supermarkets as well as other well-known retailers.

All you need to do is take a photo of your shopping receipt and upload it to the app and they put cash back into your account.

The app has 3.8-star rating so looks worth a shot.


Ibotta looks to be a more well established and useful app for the US market.  They pay you cashback on your everyday shopping but it looks like you have to search the app for the deals that you can use. 

So it’s a bit like a coupon code offer but you just need to take a copy of your receipt instead.

It has a good star rating of 4.3 and they give you $20 just for signing up so looks definitely worth trying just for that.


This app has the approval of Google’s editor with the Editor’s Choice badge.  A 4.3-star rating from over 200,000 reviews backs this up.

Shopkick pays you to spend time in stores at you probably already shop at. 

They even reward you just for opening the app up in a store without having to buy anything.

You simply scan selected items or purchase them and scan your receipt.

They also reward you for shopping online so this looks like a really good app to try out.


Our final idea to make money with your smartphone is Paribus.

Paribus help you obtain refunds on purchases you have already made.

You confirm your purchases via email and Paribus monitors for price drops. So 

if you buy something and it is later found to be on sale Paribus refund you the difference.  

The only issue with this app is that there doesn’t appear to be an Android version so you would have to login via the internet browser with an Android phone.

iPhone owners are ok though as they do have an App Store app you can use with a 3.9 out 5-star rating.

Make Money from your Smartphone Summary

Well, I hope you have found this 3-page article useful.  It certainly opened my eyes to the plethora of ways you can make money with your smartphone.

We covered more than 50 apps and ideas here but there are much more available.

Let us know which apps you already use or whether you will try any of the one’s we’ve covered out.

Leave us a comment or share on Twitter if you liked this article.

Bye for now.

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