Make Money as a Kid

Make Money As A Kid [During Lockdown] – 25 Genuine Ideas

Even as a kid during quarantine you can start to earn money from home.

These days age doesn’t have to stop you from making your own money. 

But as a Kid where do you even start? 

Well that’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list to give you ideas and inspiration.

  1. Household Chores
    2.-10. – Freelancing on Fiverr
  2. Designing logos
  3. Create Characters for Computer Games
  4. Children’s Book Illustrator
  5. Kids Voiceovers
  6. Singing
  7. Convert Documents
  8. Data Entry Work
  9. Gaming Services
  10. Fitness Training
  11. Selling on Etsy
  12. Online Surveys
  13. Selling Photographs
  14. Selling old stuff on eBay
  15. Selling Games, Blu-Ray, DVDs, and Books
  16. Start a cupcake selling business
  17. Online Tutoring
  18. Web development and design
  19. Start a blog like this one
  20. Create and grow a Youtube Channel
  21. Social Media Guru
  22. Getting paid to play video games
  23. Self-Publish a Book
  24. Create Games in Roblox
  25. Become a Spotify Artist


If you are looking to make some cash and don’t know where to start then this guide will help you with some fantastic ideas to get you going.

 Many kids are already making money for themselves with all of these ideas so why not join them and start earning money for yourself now.

So without further ado, lets get started with our comprehensive list of ways to earn money as a kid during quarantine.

Household Chores

This is the age-old way that kids have earnt their pocket money from mum and dad. Doing general household chores like washing the dishes, tidying your room, cleaning the windows, washing the car, mowing the lawn.

These are all great ways you could ask your parents to do in order to earn some pocket money if you don’t already or a good way to ask for more pocket money.

Plus there’s the added bonus of giving your mum, dad, or grandparent a nice rest, which I’m sure they’ll be more than glad to pay you for.

If you’re a parent and you aren’t sure whether you should be giving your kids chores to do, here’s a great article by WebMD explaining how giving kids household tasks can teach them great life lessons. 

Earn Money as a Kid Doing Chores

The only snag with doing chores is that once they are done they are done and generally you only get paid once a week for them.  Also compared to other ways kids can earn money from home the amount you earn is very much dependant on what your parent want or are able to pay you.

If your parents aren’t all that wealthy then you may want to find other ways that you can earn your own money, especially during lockdown when you aren’t able to get out and see any of your friends or do the activities outside that you would normally do.

This is why we have compiled this list of  ways you can earn more money from home as a kid especially during the coronavirus lockdown.

By the way, if you as a parent want a way to reward your child with money they have earned and don’t want to give them cash that they could just fritter away on sweets or video games then a card like RoosterMoney is worth checking out

Save Pocket Money with Rooster Money

Freelancing on Fiverr

It was a surprise to me to find out that Fiverr only has a minimum age limit of just 13.  As you can see from this screenshot as of April 2020.

That’s great news for teenagers looking to make money from home online.  

Fiverr is an online marketplace for Freelancers and is one of the best platforms you can use for Freelancing.  We recently did a review of the top Freelance Platforms for beginners so check it out to find out more about Fiverr.

There are a huge number of services that you can offer including, writing, graphic design, voiceovers.

For all you gaming enthusiasts out there you can even earn money for things to do with Gaming.

Design logos

Here is a snapshot of one seller on Fiverr that offers Logo Design.

Make Money Designing Logos

And here is a comparison of the prices this seller charges which increase depending on the number of design variations.

Prices Comparison for Logo Design

Create a Character for a Computer Game

Here’s an example of a seller that creates characters for computer games.  They start with a basic design for approximately $5 USD and $15 USD for a more complex and full colour design.

Children’s Book Illustrator

If you enjoy graphic design and have a little more technical ability then you could consider offering book designs.  Here’s an example seller page of a seller charging up to £83 (approx $105USD) for 10 pages of illustrations for a childrens book.

There are quite a few Graphic Design sub-categories that you could try.

Kids Voiceovers

Did you know people will pay for someone to speak a script for them including doing kids’ voices?  

Here’s a selection of sellers offering just this service with prices starting at $5USD but some can charge as much as £62 ($78USD). 

Earn Money with Kids Voices

Kids Singing

You could also offer to sing songs for people in your own unique kid’s voice.  Here’s an example of a seller offering to sing Happy Birthday in a cute Kid Voice.

Earn Money Singing Happy Birthday

Convert Documents

Are you a wiz with computers and software?

If so then you could consider offering file conversion services. 

This seller has a gig for converting pdf documents to Word or Excel or Google Docs.

Earn Money Converting Files

Data Entry Work

Know how to type proficiently?

There are many sellers on Fiverr that will do Data Entry Work and Personal Assistant Services. 

All you need to do is type data that the customer provides into the format that they require and you could earn up to $10 (approximately £8) for a couple of hours work like this Top-Rated Seller.

Earn Money from Data Entry

Gaming Services

Now here’s something to get all you Xbox or Playstation Fanatics excited.  You can actually offer services for gaming. 

Here’s an example of one seller offering to build things in Minecraft. 

For £50 (approx $62)  they will build a large area of the Minecraft world.  What a great way to earn money doing something that you love!

Earn Money with Minecraft Services

If Fortnites more your thing then check this seller who provides 1-hour coaching sessions for £41 (approximately $52).

Fitness Training

If you are a more active type then there’s also a category for you on Fiverr as well. 

There are numerous sellers offering pilates, fitness, personal training, and Yoga classes.  These can all be done online via video so there’s no issue with the fact we are still in lockdown.

Here’s an example of a seller offering a personalised cardio workout for £20 ($25).

Earn Money as a Kid with Fitness

As you can see there are loads of options when it comes to Fiverr.  I would encourage you to visit their website and have a look around to see if there are any services that you could do.

Still not come up with the right way to earn money for you then keep reading.

Selling on Etsy

If your mum or dad has an account with Etsy then you can sell via their account provide you have their permission.  Like Fiverr, Etsy has a policy allowing you to sell using a parent or guardian’s account.

Make Money Selling on Etsy as a Kid

If your parent doesn’t have an account then ask them nicely if they would set one up for you and if they aren’t all that tech-savvy then send them to this link  all about it.

In Etsy’s own words “Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.”

Etsy is a marketplace for selling one-off and hand made products including:

  • T-Shirts
  • Stickers
  • Pet Toys
  • Clothes
  • Jewellery
  • Pottery
  • Bracelets
  • Keychains
  • Scrunchies and hair bands
  • Painting and arts like sculptures or ceramics
  • Knitted Scarves or Hats
  • Bird houses

If you have a creative flair and love making unique items then take a look at this video on how to Get Started with Etsy in 3 Simple Steps.

Let’s move onto our next way to make money from home as a kid.

Online Surveys

Survey sites will pay you for your opinions but most require you to be 18 to sign up as a minimum. 

However, Swagbucks is one site that allows surveys by 13-year-olds and upwards to complete surveys on the parent’s accounts provided they have permission. 

Earn Money as a Kid with Swagbucks

The money isn’t huge but if you complete them regularly you can exchange your points earned for gift cards that you can then spend like cash.

When looking for information on Swagbucks I came across this great review piece explaining all about it.

In summary, Swagbucks will pay you for other things as well as taking surveys like watching videos, searching the internet, or playing games.  You could potentially earn between $40 and $60 dollars per month that’s £32 to £48 in British Pounds.

If you are a parent and looking at this article and would like to have a go at Online Surveys yourself then go check out this article –  How you Can Earn Easy Money Taking Surveys .

There are a number of other survey sites and Wellkeptwallet has a fantastic article showing you 12 of the Best Safe Paid Survey Sites that Kids can use to make money from home so go check it out.

Now for more money-making ideas for kids.

Selling Photographs

If you have a camera phone or digital camera and photography is something you enjoy then you can make money from selling photos.  Recently we created an article all about how to sell photos online and make money.

In this article we help you to see how you can earn money from selling pictures and stock photos online.

We show you how it all works and how you can generate income from selling your photos. It shows you where you can sell those photos and which ones stand out as the best to use for making money with photography.

You cannot sign up to any of these stock photo sites so you will need to ask a parent or guardian to set up an account on your behalf.

If you’d rather sell your photos directly and not have to sign up to loads of microstock sites then here’s an interesting youtube video about one teenager that established her own Photography business.

Selling old stuff on eBay

I wasn’t entirely sure that you could sell on eBay as a kid.  However, this snippet shows that eBay will permit you to do so through an adult’s account provided you have their permission.

We wrote an in-depth article explaining why selling your old stuff on eBay is one of the easiest ways you can make money from home.

The same principles apply to kids looking to make money online so go check it out.

Selling Games, Blu-Ray, DVDs, and Books

If you have a load of old books gathering dust or Blu-Rays that you never watch anymore then there are sites that will pay you good money for those items.

 Here’s a list of such sites that you can try:

We haven’t checked directly but it’s likely that you’ll need your parents or guardians permission to sell on these sites so make sure you check the Terms and Conditions first.

I recently wrote a related article specifically about buying and selling old books.

Start a cupcake selling business

Enjoy baking and think that your cupcakes are worth shouting about?

Then set up a website or Facebook page (get your parent’s permission first) and start making cupcakes to sell to friends, neighbours or further afield.  In order to keep costs down initially, you could use a free website builder like Wix or Weebly then get your parents to promote it on a Facebook page.

If it’s local enough you can then deliver the cupcakes yourself accompanied by a parent and offer them in a nice box and leave at the doorstep to ensure you are social distancing.

For example, you could sell a dozen cupcakes per box for say $10.  You will have to ask your parent to use their PayPal account to process the transactions.

Online Tutoring

If you are accomplished in a particular subject then you might want to help others improve and earn money whilst doing so.  This is another great way to make money from home even as a kid or teen during quarantine.  I found this great article by employment 4 students explaining all about it. 

Web development and design

If you are tech-savvy and know your way around HTML, Javascript or WordPress then this is another great service that you can offer.

If you aren’t entirely sure how to go about web design or even what is involved then I found this article from 1stwebdesigner all about learning web design from a kids’ perspective.

I’d also recommend looking at this video and YouTube channel that helps explain how you can start to earn money from web development and design

Start a blog like this one

It can take a fair bit of time and effort but what else have you got to do during quarantine?

By writing about a topic you enjoy there are ways that you can build a blog and start to make money from it.  

There are ways that you can make money from a blog once it is established including affiliate commissions, advertising and sponsored posts.

There are many courses out there for starting a blog but I would start by looking on Youtube for inspiration.  Here’s a couple of videos that I would recommend:

For something more official with step by step guidance I recommend going to Udemy and signing up for a course. 

Udemy frequently has discounts available so provided you have a small fund built up already it can be well worth the investment as it will help fast track your blogging endeavour.

Here’s a link to Udemy’s top-rated blogging course at the time of writing this article:

Build a Blog Course

Create and grow a Youtube Channel

If you have the confidence and don’t mind speaking into a camera about things you are passionate about then creating a Youtube Channel is a great way for teens or younger kids to earn money from home during the lockdown.  There are already kids making millions from doing this.

Do you get annoyed with all those adverts popping up whilst you are watching videos on YouTube?

Well, that’s how Youtube earns revenue and is the reason they can pay you for uploading videos.

A lot like building a blog building a Youtube following is is something that can take time and perseverance to become established but the beauty is that once your channel is earning money it becomes passive income.  This means that it still will generate revenue without you having to post more content.  

However if you want to generate a continually growing income then you will have to work on your site for some time and post videos regularly.

Ryans Toy Review made $22m last year all from a 7-year-old boy reviewing toys and posting videos about them on his channel.

If you are under 13 though you will need to use a parents account with their permission or ask them to set up a Family Link Account.

Here’s a great video by Camden Ella How To Start a Successful YouTube Channel For Kids!

Camden started her Youtube channel when she was just 7 so this is something any kid in quarantine can do to start earning money.

Let’s move on.

Social Media Guru

Companies will now pay for somebody to control their social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  If you’re a lover of Social Media then why not consider getting paid for it. 

Earn Money as a Kid Being a Social Media Guru

This is something that you can offer through or one of the other top freelance sites.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from offering your services to local businesses who might be glad of the help during the current lockdown crisis. 

You can search for local companies on google and send a polite email or message through their contact page offering your services.

Getting paid to play video games

Make Money as a Kid Playing Video Games

We mentioned earlier one of the ways to earn on Fiverr was through playing video games and coaching people.  There are also a number of other ways that you can earn money from playing video games including:

  • Beta Testing
  • eSports and Gaming Tournaments
  • Video Game Reviews
  • Become a Twitch Streamer

This article by wallethacks goes into more detail so take a look.

Self-Publish a Book

Are you an avid writer and like to write stories ?

Then Amazon KDP (Kindle Self Publishing) allows you to publish your own books in digital format. 

You will need permission from your parent or guardian to use their account. 

Make Money as a Kid Self Publishing a Book

Here’s a great article from Reedsy with step by step advice on how to publish a book with KDP.

Create Games in Roblox

Another gaming related idea but if you know enough about coding to make a fun game that people will pay to play then look no further than Roblox.

Roblox is a massive multiplayer online game where members can play games made by other users. 

Many of the highest earners on Roblox are making full time incomes and the majority of them are still kids.

PC Mag have put together a really informative article all about how you can make money from Roblox.

Become a Spotify Artist

Make Money as a Spotify Artist

Do you like and play music?

Ever written your own songs?  

On Spotify artists can earn money for uploading their music and generating a following.  The more people that listen to your music the more you could earn.

Spotify requires you to have a user account with them in order to be eligible as an artist.  There are certain age requirements depending on which country you live in.  Here is the link to Spotify’s Terms and Conditions so check this out to ensure you can comply with the age requirements of your country.

SoundCloud is another service to consider but please ensure you check the age requirements.

Phew that was some list of money making ideas.

Making money as a Kid fast

I thought about putting this message at the start of the article but didn’t want to discourage you from taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there.

If you’ve made it this far then hopefully you’ll be excited to get started with your own money making  project and can see the amazing possibilities. 

So this is me with my dad head on with a word of caution that I feel is important.

Unfortunately making money fast isn’t always possible, whether you are a 12-year-old kid or 40+ adult.  

You may be able to make a small amount pretty quickly like the pocket money you can earn from doing extra chores. But if you aspire to greater sums it will take some time and dedication.  

Just choose something that you think you will enjoy and give it a go. What have you got to lose? 

If you don’t like it then move onto something else and keep trying until you find something that you do enjoy and it works for you.

Now with that lecture over let’s summarise why earning money as a kid can be of great benefit.

Summary and benefits of earning money as a kid during lockdown

Start generating income now that you could invest in your future self like college, car , holidays or your biggest commitment – a house.  The earlier you start then the better as time is on your side.

Earning money for yourself also teaches you discipline and gives you self confidence.  Once you leave school or college and you have to fend for yourself you will be so much better prepared.

Time is on your side and you can keep trying different things until you hit that one method that gets you excited and motivated.

It’s amazing that you want to go make your earn money especially now whilst we are all holed up during quarantine.  

So which making money idea interests you the most?

Are you going to start asking your mum and dad for more pocket money or will you start your own Cupcake Business?

If you like this article and you think your friends and other kids would benefit from seeing it then please share with one of the social media share buttons on this page.

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