How to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

Ultimate Guide to Earning Fantastic Royalties by Simply Uploading Photos

How to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

Do you have a passion for photography and want to know how to sell photos online and make money?

Are you looking for a side income from home and know how to take quality photographs?

Why not look to cash in your digital images and help swell your bank account as well as your digital file size. This article is aimed at helping you to see how to sell photos online and make money.

We’ll show you how it all works and how you can generate income from selling your photos. We’ll look at where you can sell those photos and which ones stand out as the best to use for making money with photography.

You’ll also find out how much money you can make from selling your photos and which types of photos sell best.

How Can I Earn Money From My Photographs

How Can I Earn Money From My Photographs?

So how can you make money with photography and stock photos?

Well, the answer is online image selling sites.  There aren’t many people that don’t like beautiful photos and they are used for a whole plethora of projects from advertising to Facebook pages to website backgrounds the list is endless.

The great thing is that people and businesses will pay money to be able to use stock photos from online stock photo sites.

These websites are a go-to place for people looking to choose suitable images for their projects.

Each site offers varying amounts and pays you in the form of a commission once your stock photos sell.  There are a number of factors that determine how much royalties you receive.

However, it is a competitive market out there so it pays to have a reasonably large portfolio and keep uploading fresh new images.

First of all, you will need to sign up for the platform you choose and they have guidelines that you need to check before doing so.  Some will not permit you to use the same images to multiple sites i.e their competitors. Despite this restriction, it’s better to apply to a number of platforms and upload content to them. You might find one site works really well for you whilst another is a lot slower to get going.

However, the beauty of it is that once you have provided your images and they are selling then the money you make is completely passive.

With regards to the equipment to use for taking your stock photos then if you have a high-end Smart Phone then you can start off with using that to get you up and running.  Eventually though to improve the quality a DSLR camera is a good investment as they generally result in much higher resolution images.

It’s also worthwhile purchasing top quality image editing software like Photoshop.  Again whilst you are starting out then there are a number of free alternative image editing software like GIMP and PIXLR.  There are even a number of apps that you can use on your phone like Snapseed.

Where Can I Sell Photos Online For Money?

So you may be wondering when it comes to how to sell photos online and make money what is the best website or websites to sell my photos?

The answer will depend on a number of factors, however, the most well known and market-leading sites for uploading and selling stock photographs include:

As you can see there is a good range of sites that you can use. Some are microstock sites like Adobe Stock and Shutter Stock where the charges are generally lower and likewise the royalties.

Others like Alamy and Getty are macro stock sites that pay more but have exclusivity requirements.

What Type of Photos Sell Best

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Photos Online and is it Profitable?

Now that you know how to sell photos online and make money I guess you are wondering how much money can you make.

Picfair lets you decide how much to charge and then add 20% for their commission.  Great if you want top dollar but not so great if you aren’t sure how much you should charge.

Dreamstime starts off low at £0.25 but they increase the price of the photo as the number of sales increases.  Great if you get a really popular image that takes off.

Alamy pays 50% for exclusive photos and 40% for none exclusive. Adobe Stock and Shutter Stock pay relatively low amounts also at $0.20.on average per image download.

So with the microstock sites, it pays to have a large selection of digital images with them in order to make it worthwhile.

For better quality and more unique or exclusive images then the macro stock sites can work best as you won’t necessarily have to sell as many images to earn the same amount.

Where Can I Sell Photos Online For Money

What Type Of Photos Sell Best?

This is a tricky question as it’s like fashion certain trends come and go.  You can however gain a better understanding by browsing the top seller lists on the different sites to check what is working at the moment and to give you the inspiration on what to start working on.

One of the most important factors to get your images seen and increase the chances of them selling is to use keywords and the right keywords for your topic.  Each stock photo site has a search bar allowing users to search for the types of images they require.  If you get the right keywords and they fit with the type of image you are offering then your stock photos are more likely to show up in the search results.

If you are still unsure and need a little inspiration the following types of photos are known to sell well:

  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Transport
  • Everyday activities that people are doing
  • Seasons

Other tips for increasing your chances of selling your images would be images shot at dusk or dawn these also do well.  Have people turned away from the camera so that they aren’t identifiable as well as possibly making the subject unidentifiable using a blurred effect.  Also, go for more natural candid shots that give a more real-life view.


If you are a photography enthusiast and you want to know how to sell photos online and make money from your hobby then I hope this article has shown you that you can earn money from home by selling your photos.  Even with basic equipment and inexperience you could soon be up and running cashing in on your favourite pass time.

I hope you found this article informative and useful and wish you good luck with your photography ventures.

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