How to Buy and Sell Books Online

How to Make Easy Money Buying and Selling Books Online

Can You Make Money Selling Books?

In this article we show you just how to make money buying and selling books online.

Are you looking for ways to make additional side income at home?

Do you have lots of old books that you aren’t likely to read again and they’re just gathering dust?

Do you enjoy looking for bargains and selling them on for a profit?

Then read on….

How To Make Money Selling Books

So how do you make money buying and selling books online?

You can buy old books from various places like thrift stores, charity shops, car boot sales or even swap ones out from your local free library.

There are a number of sites where you can then  quickly check to see how much the book is worth and sell it on for a small profit.

Places like:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Zapper
  • Zift
  • Music Magpie and

will all pay for old books and even pay for the postage.

There’s also a book selling comparison site – that allows you to easily check how much your book is worth on a number of sites so you can make the best margin possible.

You won’t always make a fortune from individual books but if you sell enough of them then the pennies can soon add up.

Read on to find out more about how you too can make money from selling old books for cash.

Sell books online for cash

Where To BUY Old Books

The first place to look when you are considering how to make money buying and selling books online  is to look around your own house.

Do you have stacks of books that you’ve collected over the years?

If you no longer intend to read them then why not sell them on?

Once you’ve sold a few of your own old books then you can use some of the cash you’ve made to buy more old books and increase your funds.

You can pick up books for really cheap at charity shops, car boot sales and thrift stores. If you use one of the apps provided by the book buying sites you can check how much a book is worth before you make the purchase. Therefore you will already know how much money you will make before you pay for the books.

Where To Sell Books For Cash

Selling Books On eBay vs Amazon

The two perhaps most well known places to sell second hand books would be Amazon and eBay.

eBay could be a good place to list your books if they are sought after and you want to make sure you get as much money as possible.

First editions and really old books would likely fit this criteria and potentially make sense to sell on eBay.

You can still list books on Amazon but if it’s a rare book then you have to work out a price yourself which could either be under priced and you’ve missed out on more money or you could price it too high meaning it will never sell.

Amazon would therefore be better for more regular books as people do visit Amazon to buy books. After all that’s what Amazon was originally started for – to sell books online.

Old school or college text books would be a good example of the best type of books to sell on Amazon. To buy these types of book brand new can be really expensive for students so it makes sense for them to buy their text books second hand.

Where Else To Sell Books For Cash

If like me you are a little impatient and you don’t want to wait around for your books to sell then the following sites will give you an immediate price using the ISBN number (or barcode):

Ziffit and Zapper have apps that you can down load to your phone so that you can check the price they will pay for the book quickly and easily even before you’ve purchase the book yourself from a charity shop or car boot sale.

The only downside with these sites is that they are businesses looking to make profit themselves. They may therefore not offer as high a price for your books as you would selling to an individual via Amazon or eBay. is a comparison site that lists a number of book buying sites. Simply input the isbn number or scan the barcode using their app and you can see which site is the best place to sell that particular book.

It’s also worth trying out which is an online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of-print books.

How to Buy and Sell Books Online

Which Books Are The Best To Buy And Sell?

So which books are best when you are looking at how to make money buying and selling books online?

According to the following books are on the hot list of books to sell:

  • Food/cookery books
  • Arts and crafts books
  • Textbooks
  • History books
  • Travel guides

Less popular books are paperbacks so think twice before you start buying up a load of these.

Bog standard novels and childrens books are not worth it as the postage costs are too much and most of the time it is cheaper to buy them brand new.

How Much Money Can You Make From Selling Books?

Special editions, first editions and books signed by the author can all sell for lots of money. It’s therefore a good idea to check the inside cover before you buy to see if you’ve potentially struck gold. 

For example a first edition of Bridget Jones’s Diary could be worth $375 (£303), with a signed copy potentially selling for as much as $660 (£500).

Check out this Youtube video on how to check if a book is a first edition.

You can possibly make hundreds of pounds from textbooks as mentioned above as there is a consistent market from students that don’t have the funds to buy them brand new. However, the sales may be seasonal as they are more likely to be looking for them before they start their degree and college course pre-September.

You should be able to make £2 to £3 on most text books and then when it comes to first editions and books that are signed can all depend on the rarity occasionally you might make £10 to £20 but once in a while you could get really lucky and make thousands.

Check out this news story where a rare Harry Potter book recently sold for thousands from just a pennies investment.

So how much you make really depends on how much time and effort you put into it. Maybe just start out by selling your own books or nipping into a local charity shop and having a go with a few text books. If you then get the bug for it you may want to devote more time to it and therefore make more money.

Sell Books In Bulk

If you find you have a number of books that aren’t worth very much individually then you could look at selling them in bulk.

eBay is a good place to do this by listing them as a job lot. You might get a little more by pointing out one or two in the listing that could be sought after.

The book buying sites will take a number of books at once so depending on how much you paid for them yourself it could be worth packing them up together and make a profit that way.

Selling Books Without A Barcode Or ISBN Number

Occasionally you might come across an old book without an isbn number or barcode.

So how do you value one of these books if you cant scan a barcode on one of the apps?

If you visit it allows you to input other information making it a good resource for working out the rough value of an old book by seeing what other examples are being listed at.

So Is Buying And Selling Books Online Worth It?

I hope you found this article lets you know how to make money buying and selling books online.  But is it worth it?

Well, it might be if you like to do a bit of looking for bargains and take pleasure in making a profit on those bargains.

Also if you are a bit of a treasure hunter and like to search for items of value that only take a little research to work out then yes buying and selling books could be worth it.

It is probably something that you could do as a little hobby to start for little or no risk. Once you have gained a little experience and built some initial could. Then be worth putting a little more time and effort into it.

It’s an easy business to get started with and you’ll only know if it’s the right fit for you if you give it a go.

So why not check your bookshelves see what books you have what they could sell for using one of the isbn scanning apps.

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