20 Legitimate Online Survey Sites – Snag Easy Money Without Any Investment

What Are Online Surveys And How Does Taking Online Surveys For Money Work

What are online surveys and  how do they allow you to work from home without investment?

Online surveys are questionnaires that companies use to obtain an understanding of such things as customer opinions and preferences.  They are taken online over the internet or can sometimes be done via a mobile phone app.

Businesses will carry out surveys regarding certain products, services or brands in order to know what customers and consumers think about it.

There are many many market research companies that have membership sites where they get the members to complete surveys for them and pay them in cash rewards or vouchers.

In this article we will show you how you can get paid for completing online surveys.  Which online survey sites are legitimate and actually do pay you for your time.  

We’ll also show you whether or not you can make money from doing online surveys and how much you can potentially earn.

Finally and possibly most importantly we’ll help you work out whether or not taking online surveys is worth the time and effort.

Will Online Surveys Pay You?

You may be wondering if you do an online survey will they pay you.  There are many less legit sites out there that aren’t trustworthy so it pays to be careful.

We have listed 20 legit sites later in this article that you can trust to actually pay what they say they will.

Most of these sites pay either by PayPal or vouchers using a points based system.

You’ll get a number of points for each survey you complete and once you reach a set amount of points you can then transfer that into cash or Vouchers.  Amazon Vouchers are the most popular on offer and can be worth taking instead of the money as the cash equivalent can work out higher in value.

Where To Take Online Surveys For Money That Are Legit

There are stories of online survey companies that don’t pay what they say and are therefore not legit.

Here are 20 online survey  surveys sites where you can work from home without investment.

These websites that will pay you money for taking their surveys and we have found them to be legitimate:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Opinion Outpost
  3. Toluna
  4. Opinion Bureau
  5. YouGov
  6. OnePoll
  7. Survey Bods
  8. LifePoints
  9. Panelbase
  10. Panel Opinion
  11. Branded Surveys
  12. Prolific Academic
  13. InboxPounds
  14. Hiving
  15. PrizeRebel
  16. Pinecone Research
  17. i-Say (IPSOS)
  18. MindMover
  19. Valued Opinions
  20. Maru Voice

Checkout this Youtube Video for some of the best online survey sites in the uk for 2020.

Can Online Surveys Make You Money?

The majority of these sites will pay you with Cash but many also pay with Gift Card or Vouchers (mostly Amazon Vouchers) and most of them also offer payment via Paypal.

If you need or want the money quickly then its best to check beforehand what the payout rules are.

Some sites or specific surveys will pay out relatively quickly but with others it could be some weeks or months before they pay you.

Once you have reached your payout threshold with any particular site you would be best advised to withdraw that or cash it in.

The reason being is if that company ceases trading and you have money sat in that account you won’t be able to get your hands on it.

Much like when a retailer goes bust and you have gift cards that haven’t yet expired they don’t always accept those cards once they have gone into administration. That’s a very frustrating position to be in so cash in as soon as you can.

Taking Online Surveys, How Much Can You Make From Them? And Which Online Surveys Pay The Most?

All online survey sites vary in the amount that you will get paid.  However from the 20 we have selected above the amounts paid range between $0.12 (£0.10) to about $25 (£20).

From our selected list of 20 online survey sites the highest paying is PrizeRebel paying up to $25 (£20) per survey.

Behind PrizeRebel in terms of amounts per survey you can receive up to $12.34 (£10) by taking online surveys with PanelBase, Opinion Bureau, Maru Voice, and Prolific Academic.

The other sites pay less but the surveys can be quicker to complete and some even pay in Amazon Gift Vouchers rather than cash like Toluna.

Are Online Surveys Worth It?

In conclusion then are online surveys worth the time even though you can work from home without investment?

Each online survey site only offer a limited number of paid surveys per person any particular month. Therefore in order to make the money worth it you need to sign up to as many survey sites as you can.

If you have free time on your hands during the day and enjoy giving your opinion on things then online surveys could be worth it for you.

The amount paid per survey is minimal so you do need to complete a lot of them to make it work.  By signing up to many sites you can ensure that you have plenty of surveys to complete.

It generally works out that you can earn from about $3.70 (£3) up to $6 (£4.86) per hour from taking these surveys.  This isn’t really going to be life changing and allow you to leave your day job (if you have one).

However if you are a stay at home parent or have a bit of spare time on an evening or weekends it could make you a nice little extra to put towards your next holiday or towards Christmas Presents.

I would therefore view it more as a little side hobby than a full time business working from home.

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