13 reasons to start dropshipping

13 Reasons to Start Dropshipping on eBay UK in 2020

Dropshipping can be a great way to make money online, and for many online sellers, Dropshipping on eBay UK is the perfect starting point in 2020.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers its customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. (Source – Wikipedia).

How Does Dropshipping on eBay Work?

In order to dropship on eBay UK you take the product information from your supplier and transfer that to a listing on eBay.  You calculate the margin you need after accounting for eBay and Paypal fees and set the appropriate Buy it Now price.

Many dropship sellers will use the exact images, product titles, and descriptions provided by their dropship suppliers.

And in case you are wondering yes dropshipping is allowed on eBay.  They do have a statement saying that they will demote listings or close an account but this appears to be a warning only so that drop shippers keep their accounts in good order by maintaining good customer service.

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So what are the 13 reasons to start dropshipping on eBay UK in 2020?

1. No stock to purchase

The biggest benefit of Dropshipping on Ebay UK in 2020 is that you don’t have to be in possession of the products you’re selling before you list them.  This is a very low risk approach as there are no minimum order quantities to worry about when buying from your supplier and you aren’t having to pay the supplier a significant amount to get a wholesale discount.

It also means that you can have a broad inventory with no need to stick to one specific niche. Having hundreds of different product lines from different niches is just not possible with your own products when starting out.

Additionally you are not left with unsaleable stock if products fall out of fashion or season.  You can quickly and easily change product lines according to the season.

2. No storage or packaging costs

As you have no inventory of your own there is no need to find storage and pay for the space like you would with Amazon FBA for example.  With your own products and inventory storage and packaging is a cost regardless of whether your items sell.  By dropshipping this cost is gone.

3. Save time on packaging and organising delivery

There is no need to spend time packaging and organising delivery. This is all taken care of by your particular supplier. If you use the right ones then you get better service than you might otherwise as a small retailer.

4. No marketing

There is no need for marketing and trying to drive visitors to your website or store. With eBay you have access to millions of customers that would be impossible to reach with your own site.

5. Automation

There’s a lot of software programmes that can use to make it easy to monitor stock, copy listings from retailers, and automate the majority of the process.  See our article on Hustle Got Real for more details of the benefits of using such software for Dropshipping on eBay UK in 2020.

6. Less Research

You do not need to do tons of research finding the right products to sell then waiting to see if your investment has paid off.  You can swap and change your products as often as you like and if one just isn’t selling then you can quickly change it for something else.  

In fact, it’s easy to see what are the best things to sell on eBay you can just do a category search on eBay and filter by the most popular items to show the listings of the best selling and most popular products.

7. Always make a profit

Not all buyers are price sensitive and as they go to eBay because they can get anything from there they don’t tend to look at other sites to compare prices. This means you can set prices to always make a profit and still make sales.

With eBay’s Buy It Now listing options you can set your item at a fixed price, meaning you can ensure you pull in the desired profit.

This is unlike with your own products that once you’ve paid for it you need to sell at a certain price within a certain timeframe and can badly affect cash flow and you can’t expand into other niches or areas.

8. Save time checking stock levels

If you use a reliable piece of Dropshipping software there is no need to regularly check your stock levels and update your listings. Dropshipping tools can take care of all that for you and even set listings to 1 or 2 items showing and automatically reset to that in order to give the impression of a scarcity of stock, which is a proven aid to selling.

9. Repeat custom

You can easily build a loyal set of repeat customers. If you give good service they are likely to leave you positive feedback and buy from you again. This enhances your standing and reputation on eBay and boosts your listings higher up the rankings leading to even more sales.

Once established on eBay you could collect email addresses and direct customers to your own website where you could list other items and  not have to pay eBay fees leading to more profits. 

10. No images to take

Dropshipping on eBay means there is no need to take your own images. You can use retailers own professional images which saves you bags of time. Many will have dimensions and models in the images thereby enhancing the attractiveness and making you look more professional.

11. Set your own working hours

There is a minimal amount of time required to administer your account and so this can be done at times to suit you around other things going on in your life.  You can set certain times of the day to do this like am before work or after dinner at night. Usually you only need to place orders where you can copy and paste the name and address of the customer and answer any potential questions.

12. Outrank lazy sellers

Using the right keywords in your titles and you can outrank other sellers that don’t take that time. For e.g. Argos may be selling the same product at a few pounds cheaper than you but they have only used a brief title with hardly any keywords. Use a tool like Titlebuilder taking that little bit of extra time and your listings will rank highly giving a much better chance of a sale.

13. Be your own boss

Dropshipping on eBay UK in 2020 is a great way to earn extra money from home on the side and get started with just a pc and internet connection. If you grow it large enough you can replace your income and it will allow you to eventually leave your job if you want.

So as you can see there are quite a few reasons to start Dropshipping on Ebay UK in 2020. 

If you think it sounds right for you and you’d like to give it a go then try this great Dropshipping tool for Free.

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